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SNT PR5 - Percurso das Quintas

The route descends from the village of Sintra to the bridge over the Ribeira de Colares, on the N247 road, used by the tram that connects to the beaches, and then the route returns to the village.

1:00 | 2 |

SNT PR3 - Percurso do Castelo

From the Palace of Sintra, through the Church of Santa Maria, going up to the Castelo dos Mouros, and then down through Vila Sassetti to Sintra, in the Church of São Martinho.

1:00 | 3 |

SNT PR8 - Vinho de Colares

Circular route, starting from Colares, crossing the Nazaré pine forest to Azenhas do Mar, Praia da Aguda, Fontanelas and Janas, and returning to Colares.

5:00 | 2 |

Rota de Vasco da Gama

From Sines to Porto Covo, starting from the castle of Sines and following along the coast and the mythical beaches that extend until Porto Covo.

06:00 | 2 |

Working courtyards and villages of Bairro da Graça

Route through some of the working courtyards and villages of Bairro da Graça (Lisboa).

0:45 | 2 |

Rota dos contrabandistas

From Porto das Carretas to Sines, along the coast, following the Barbarroxas, Lagoa da Sancha and Caracola.

07:00 | 3 |

Santa Eufémia e São Pedro de Sintra

By Rua da Trindade, next to the Church of Santa Maria, through São Pedro de Sintra, then to Santa Eufémia, entrance to Parque da Pena, and to the south access to Castelo dos Mouros.

1:00 | 3 |

Alfama, São Vicente and the Castle

A circular route that, from Terreiro do Paço, takes us through Alfama to the Pantheon and São Vicente, returning by the Castle and the See.

1:30 | 2 |

GR11 E9 - Sintra

Sintra section of the GR11 Caminho do Atlântico, Portuguese part of the great European route E9 that runs from Saint Petersburg by the Atlantic until Tarifa.

10:00 | 3 |

Chão de Meninos

Urban route from the São Pedro de Sintra Fair, through Chão de Meninos, Vale Flores and Mem Martins, to Mem Martins train station.

01:30 | 2 |

SNT PR1 - Percurso de Santa Maria

Urban route, from Rua das Padarias, next to the National Palace of Sintra, by Volta do Duche and Parque da Liberdade to the Church of Santa Maria.

0:15 | 2 |

Pitões das Júnias - Carris

5:00 | 4 |

On the way to Belém

The old road that connected Lisbon to Belém, passing through Santos, Alcântara and Junqueira.

2:30 | 2 |

GR11 E9 - Calhau da Cova

Route from the village of Sesimbra to the east, along the coastal cliff, to the site of the old fishing frame of Calhau da Cova.

1:00 | 3 |

Rota palafítica

From Comporta Beach to Carrasqueira. Plane route, from the coastal dune cord, through the village of Comporta, along the marshland, to the palafitic port of Carrasqueira.

2:00 | 1 |

Rota dos golfinhos

From Troia till Comporta beach, along dune, between sea and Sado estuary. Beautiful landscapes to Arrabida.

06:00 | 2 |


Circular route through the hills surrounding the village of Milhais (Abreiro, Mirandela).

01:30 | 2 |

Eixo verde e azul

A route along the Jamor River, from Queluz to the mouth, next to the National Stadium.

3:00 | 3 |

Caminho Alegre

From Penedo to Adre Nunes. 220 meter difference in uniform climb. Olivella can walk around ...

1:00 | 3 |

Alfama, the Castle and the Baixa Pombalina

Circular route from Terreiro do Paço taking us through Alfama to the Castle and then down to Rossio and Rua Augusta.

02:00 | 2 |

GR11 E9 - Serra da Arrábida

From Senhora del Carmen Route to Formosinho at the top of Arrábida Mountain. Year by year, month by month, day by day, thought by thought, steer your way, O my heart (You Want it Darker).

1:30 | 3 |

Serra da Carregueira

Through Serra da Carregueira, from Casal da Mata to Belas.

2:00 | 2 |

GR4 - Rota do Cabo

A great route. Usually done in two days.

17:00 | 2 |

CSC PR4 - Rota do Litoral do Guincho

The route is developed in a territory classified as a Natural Park and included in the Site of Community Importance Sintra-Cascais, within the scope of the Natura 2000 Network.

2:30 | 3 |

Rota de Fernão Mendes Pinto

From Galé Beach to Melides Lagoon, along the coast, passing by Aberta Nova Beach.

04:00 | 2 |

Rota do arroz

From Praia da Comporta to Praia do Carvalhal, through the lowland, among rice fields.

03:00 | 1 |

GR11 E9 - Vale do Sado

By the Routes of Santiago de Compostela, in the route that took the pilgrims from Grândola to Alcácer do Sal, by Ribeiro do Arcão, Vale do Guizo and then the river Sado.

10:00 | 1 |

Nau Victoria

Prima ego velivolis ambivi cursibus Orbem, Magellane novo te duce ducta freto. Ambivi, meritoqe vocor VICTORIA: sunt mî Vela, alae; precium, gloria; pugna, mare.

99:99 | 5 |

Cacilhas - Ginjal - Cristo-Rei - Pragal

From Cacilhas to Pragal's multimodal station, by Ginjal and Cristo-Rei.

1:30 | 2 |


Route that from Campelo goes until Peralcovo and returns to Trespostos.

2:00 | 3 |

Rota do garum

From Troia till Ácala. Percourse between the oceanic beach and the ruins of the largest fish complex of Roman empire.

0:40 | 1 |

Rota de Santa Marinha

From Melides Beach to Melides. Line walk path, from the coastal dune strand, through Várzea de Melides, church of Santa Marinha and Fonte dos Olhos.

02:00 | 1 |

Rota dos patos

From Melides Lagoon to Porto das Carretas, along the coast, passing by Santo André Lagoon.

03:00 | 1 |

Ribeira da Cabrela

Route that goes from Armés down to Ribeira da Cabrela and then up to Broas e Odrinhas.

3:00 | 2 |

Galamares - São Mamede de Janas

Route that connects the bridge of Galamares, through Carrascal and Morelinho, to São Mamede de Janas.

2:00 | 1 |

Seteais e Chalet da Condessa

Route that leads from the Palace of Sintra to Seteais, then up to the Pena Road and from here, by the Chalet of the Countess, to the top of the mountain, on the way to Capuchos.

1:00 | 2 |

Bairro Alto - Museu da Agua

From Largo da Misericórdia, in Bairro Alto, go by São Pedro de Alcântara Garden, Príncipe Real Garden, the Mother of Water and Amoreiras Reservoir, ending at the Water Museum, over the Ribeira de Alcântara Valley.

1:15 | 1 |

Rota dos pescadores

From Praia do Carvalhal to Praia da Galé, along the coast, through pine forests and the fossil cliffs of the Alentejo coast.

04:00 | 2 |

Casais de Mem Martins

Urban route between the railway stations of Mem Martins and Rio de Mouro.

1:00 | 1 |

GR11 E9 - Serra de Grândola

By the Routes of Santiago de Compostela, on the route that took the pilgrims from Santiago do Cacém to Grândola, through Grândola Mountain.

10:00 | 2 |